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A Modern, Safe Alternative To Dentures

Dental implants are a long term and permanent solution for tooth loss and you can replace a single tooth or several to all your teeth. We shape and style them to look like the original teeth meaning that you keep your confident smile. There are numerous benefits of dental implants over traditional dentures. You don’t experience discomfort or gum pain, you don’t take them out like you do with dentures and you are not limited to what foods you can eat.

We recommend dental implants when a patient has lost teeth and doesn’t want removable dentures, and when they:
  •  have missing teeth and want a replacement that will look and feel natural
  •  can’t chew food comfortably or properly with conventional dentures
  •  have a partial or full denture but would prefer a fixed bridge or fixed-removable appliance
  •  have lost a single tooth and would prefer a single tooth implant to a bridge appliance

State-Of-The-Art Technique

Inner West Dental is highly experienced at the dental implant procedure and utilises world-best implant systems which are the result of extensive research and development. 
The first step is to surgically place a titanium implant in the jawbone. 
The replacement tooth is attached to the implant. Over coming months the bone grows and integrates with the surface of the implant. 
Dental Implant Before Dental Implant After Dental Implant

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