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A Pain Free & Relaxed Experience

Whether you are a child or an adult it is quite natural to feel nervous about going to a dentist which is why we place so much emphasis on your comfort and peace of mind. From the warm, friendly greeting by our receptionist to the gentle, caring manner of your dentist, to the special pain-free technology, to having a pediatric dentist on our team with expertise in working with children, to a dentist trained in relaxation techniques for adults. Our goal for you is a sense of relaxed confidence in which you know that you are being cared for by a highly skilled dentist who has real empathy for you and is listening to you.”

The Wand™ (Kids Like This One!)

WandWhen an anaesthetic is injected into your gum it is not the needle that causes the main discomfort but rather the pressure and volume of the fluid going into gum tissue. 
To overcome this discomfort we use a revolutionary new computer controlled anaesthesia injection system called The Wand™. 
The Wand™ features microprocessor technology which can sense the density of your gum tissue (because gum density varies from person to person) and then calculates how to deliver the fluid at a constant pressure and volume for a comfortable injection.

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Relative Analgesia (Happy Gas)

“Happy Gas”, as it is commonly referred to, is a simple option for nervous patients. It is a harmless gas which is mixed with oxygen and can be used to help you relax before receiving dental work. 
Some of our patients prefer to use it during general procedures such as scaling and cleaning instead of an anaesthetic. 

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IV Sedation

IV (intravenous) sedation is a very effective way to stay calm and comfortable during your visit. 
The anaesthetic is administered by a highly experienced and caring anaesthetist who places a needle into your arm. The sedative will put you into a semi-conscious or semi-sleep state. 

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To enquire about IV sedation or our pain free services, book an appointment to speak to one of our dentists. Please contact us on 02 9712 3311 or email us at -