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What sets us apart is the broad range of dental services that we provide to our patients. It was always my goal from the beginning of my training to know a lot more than general dentistry. This is why I went overseas and learnt the latest techniques of implants, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry from the world’s best. My team is equally passionate and dedicated and together we have more than 70 years of experience. You benefit because at the one practice you can receive the highest levels of dental care ranging from whitening and fillings to dentures and dental implants.

Having the skills is one thing, I have also made certain that my practice has state of the art technology and equipment to provide every patient with dental care excellence in a relaxed pain free environment. This is why we have the latest diagnostic digital x-ray, computerised scanners, an electronic microscope, comfortable automatic chairs and a computer controlled handheld device that takes away the discomfort of administering anaesthetic. The children especially like this. I only want the best for my patients which is why our crowns and veneers are designed and custom crafted at a laboratory in Australia and New Zealand- and not made overseas in mass factories. Our lab uses a complex German system which involves 3D computer aided design, an automatic 5-axis milling station and digital scanners to check the dental model. You deserve the very best and I won’t compromise on anything.”

IWDental Dental Care Services include:

Caring for nervous patiens  Caring for nervous patients General and Preventative Services General & preventative services
Smile Improvement Smile improvement Tooth Damage Tooth damage & disease
Restorative Services Restorative services Dental Implants Dental implants

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