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Pain-Free Dental Work And Friendly Dental Care Advice.

Our Team Includes A Specialist Pediatric Dentist & A Dentist Trained In Relaxation Techniques.
Young children can find a visit to the dentist to be a little disconcerting which is why we place so much importance on making it a calming experience. As a qualified pediatric dentist I have worked for years with toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary age boys and girls and am very aware of how to keep them relaxed. We make it fun with visual aids and we are able to win their trust as well as that of the parent or carer. Dental technology these days is amazing and enables us to provide pain-free treatment. One example of this is the revolutionary new computer controlled Wand device which delivers the anaesthetic at a flow that minimises pressure in the gum. Another is the quiet running drills. This equipment greatly improves the chances of children deciding to adopt a good daily dental care routine of their own and minimising future dental work. Caroline Chung

Dr Caroline Chung
Pediatric Dentist 

  • Qualified pediatric dentist
  • Pain-free treatment
  • Computer controlled Wand device for gentle injection of anaesthetic
  • Quiet running drills

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Pain-Free Dental
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