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Our Treatment Room

Having state of the art technology from around the world means your visit and your treatment is more relaxing, a lot quicker and pain free. To begin with, we use digital radiographs to take x-rays of your mouth while you are seated in the dental chair. This type of radiographic technology uses just a fraction of the radiation that conventional x-rays use. 

Our Leica microscope is used for root canal therapy. The nerve chambers inside the tooth are so minute that it is difficult to see them with the naked eye but the latest microscope technology allows us to see straight down the canals with up to 40 times magnification. If your treatment requires local anaesthesia we have a computer controlled hand held "Wand" device. It's not the needle that causes the main discomfort of an injection, it's the pressure and volume of the fluid going into the tissue. The Wand allows us to control and slow down the flow of the fluid resulting in a much more comfortable delivery and less pain. 

We have laser technology which enables us to avoid the use of a scalpel in many types of surgical procedures. These include periodontal or gum surgery and a couple of the stages in implant surgery and crown preparation. 

Our sterilization room has the most up to date infection control methods in operation and the sterilizers are tested each day to maintain their efficiency. Added to all of this are overhead screens in our modern treatment rooms allowing patients to watch a movie or to see inside their mouth via our intra oral camera.
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